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Every herd has stress. It’s a practical reality. Use our specialist advisers to help you identify and manage the hidden performance suppressors in your herd.

How the service works

HowsMyHerd puts one of our experienced consultants on your farm, expert in “reading” cows and understanding the key factors for a cow friendly environment.

The consultant scores a sample number of cows for body condition, mobility score, hock damage, rising score and neck injury score. He also assesses cow environment, cow nutrition, cow flow and routine.

HowsMyHerdHowsMyHerd is designed to complement the work you do with your vet to create healthy profits for you from your healthy herd.

After the visit the consultant will provide you with a concise report with practical recommendations and a traffic light system that prioritises actions to maximise the wellbeing of your cows.

A HowsMyHerd assessment on your farm could give a huge boost to cow performance for very little cost.

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"Since making the recommended changes, lying timesHowsMyHerd have improved dramatically. Two hours after milking, 100% of heifers were lying perfectly in the cubicles"
John Downing, Kent

“It’s good to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at every aspect that we look at everyday. Now that the cows are more comfortable they’re much happier and so are we!”
Mark Oliver, Cornwall

“By spending a few hundred pounds on this, we saved thousands and, into the bargain, avoided the disruption and hard work of major building alterations.”
Paul Candy, Somerset

“The report is illustrated with photographs taken from your unit, meaning the evidence is right in front of you. The cost of the report is inexpensive considering the huge payback you can receive as a result of the changes made.”
John Downing, Kent