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soil-managerSoil Manager

We offer a full range of soil analysis linked to expert independent help and advice from our specialist advisers to help you get your soils working at their optimum. Choose from a range of service levels:

Standard soil analysis

Essential for effective fertiliser planning and a requirement for many environmental schemes including NVZ soil management plans.

Discover the Phosphate, Potash and Magnesium indices of your soils together with their pH using our six sample Standard Soil Analysis packs.

"Focusing on soil management made us question conventional thinking and make the most of our on-farm resources."
Barry Dale, Cheshire

soil-manager-polaroid2Soil improvement programme

What starts in the soil...
Our comprehensive soil improvement programme combines detailed soil analyses with the unique expertise of our soils specialists. A standard analysis may show the levels of P,K and Mg to be normal but underlying imbalances in micronutrients may mean the forages do not thrive and livestock are left with unhealthy nutrient imbalances.

Many an expert will start with expensive fertilisers and feed supplements when the true solution lies in adopting our biological approach to soil improvement. We have many success stories to show remarkable improvements using low cost soil treatments without the need for high cost commercial products.

Developed in conjunction with Ground Level Nutrition this service recognises that a healthy soil is key to livestock health. Progressive soil management can achieve significant benefits in disease resistance, productivity and profit.

Soil is the greatest natural resource of your farm - it is a living system with a positive nutrient cycle. A healthy soil will be alive with microbiological life.

healthy-soilSkilful and progressive management of soils can improve not only the forages you grow, but also the health and productivity of your livestock.
...Ends in the profit

Take the journey to achieving:

  • Good physical soil structure
  • Correct chemical and mineral balance
  • Abundant biological activity

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Fee includes telephone support from our soil specialists to help you identify the key actions to achieve healthy soils – healthy livestock – healthy profits.